Real Race


Fun micromachine-style races


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Real Race is a racing game with overhead perspective where you can participate in tons of races and tournaments, competing against the game's AI (unfortunately, there's no online or multiplayer).

You have twelve different vehicles to choose from, each with its own speed, acceleration, and control stats. Of course, when you first start playing, only two of these are unlocked, but you can unlock the others by winning tournaments.

There are five tournaments to play, divided into fifteen different courses. And those courses are divided into different locations: some in the snow, some out in the country, and others in the mountains.

Graphically, Real Race may remind you of games from the famous Micromachines franchise. The vehicle models and scenery detail only add to this similarity. For example, you can run into and move some elements in the courses, like tractors.

Real Race is a fun racing game that doesn't try to be a realistic simulator. Instead, it models itself more like an arcade game that allows you to tear up whole tracks without hitting the breaks even once.
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